10 Random Websites to Visit When You’re Bored.

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory, innit?

FTWLA first screen


It takes you to a Twitch streaming with 0 viewers. Go show some love!


Science vs magic

This website has several fractal creators. Personalize the colour, the shape, and more!

Vaguely Rude Places

Looking for somewhere to travel? Here is a map of places with funny names. Go check them out!

Radio Garden

Each dot represents a radio. Click on a dot to listen. It’s like a window to another culture! (And yes, it has an app).

Koalas to the Max

Hover over the circles and reveal a cute koala pic in the most satisfying way.

Bored Button

Press the button to be taken to a random (and fun!) website.


Draw an iceberg and see how it floats!

For Those We Love Alive (FTWLA)

The weirdest text-based game I’ve ever played. It’s free!


Spend Bill Gate’s money

How many Big Macs can Bill Gates buy? And how many cruise ships? Find out with this simulator!

Wealth, shown to scale

If the last website didn’t make you hate the rich enough, feel free to check how rich Jeff Bezos is, shown to scale!

The End

Thank you for reading! Now go visit these websites or enjoy this gorgeous picture by Greta Farendi. (The source to the photo is at the bottom!)

Between yellow and magenta. Pop stuff and everything else. He/him.

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