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Jess says
our room is a mess.
A Roomba will be best
to clean this,
I guess.
Since the broom won’t do the job
due to laziness
and the stress
and the lack of time
of modern days,

And a little bit
of procrastination on our side,
I won’t lie,
I’m not as hardworking
as my parents were.
I’ll give you that,
but the groceries we buy
are not as healthy
and we’re all gonna die, anyway.

The sky is blue. You almost don’t feel the pollution. I guess is cool to know that I’m being slowly poisoned. People…

A quick summary of why Wall Street is going mad because of a subreddit.

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A comment in the r/wallstreetbets subreddit.

If you read the newspapers today, you’ll probably run into a piece of news that says that some Redditors have made Wall Street go mad, it has to do with GameStop, short-selling, and the stock market.

But, what is really happening? How did it all begin? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In the stock market, there is something called “short-selling”, which is something similar to betting that a company’s stocks are going to go down.

Some people from a subreddit called r/wallstreetbets noticed that there were some people talking trash about GameStop (GME), and discovered that these people had…

Here’s the method I’ve developed for putting my life in order

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Being a mess is not easy. I’ve always had trouble keeping stuff in my head and organizing in general. I was the typical guy who forgot they had an exam that day or that left everything for the last minute because I didn’t know where to start. However, over the years, I have tried various methods and, bit by bit, I can say I have overcome my messy nature (at least most of it, anyway). Here is how I did it:

Routines: over and over and over again

First of all, comes establishing routines. Routines help the brain accomodating to the tasks you have to do and…

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Does shoot-first action make sense in the game’s world?

The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2) is a good game. It has spectacular graphics, wonderful artwork, a really beautiful soundtrack, an interesting story, and some masterfully created characters. But I just can’t stop wondering why Naughty Dog chose to go with that combat system for their game. Before I start ranting, I want it to be clear that my problem is not with the execution of the gameplay system, which is brilliant (those sound effects are out of this world), but with the choice of that particular system. As this also applies to the original game, I’m going to…

A micro-story about micro-segmentation

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Photo by Lukas Furlan

The Canary Islands are the most southern territory in Spain. Situated in front of the coasts of West Africa, their tropical climate makes tourism their main source of income, making up to 70% of their GDP, with Europe being their main market. In their quest for increasing the number of tourists, they came up with a method that made them grow more than any of their competitors. But how did they managed to do so?

They realised that Europeans were only shown one Canary Islands campaign a year about sun and beach tourism, and lots of offers. But, how many…

Looks like Aristotle is still relevant after more than two thousand years

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Aristotle once said the rhetoric was «the ability to theorise what is suitable in each situation in order to convince». This definition talks about how to use a series of mechanisms that allow the speaker to convince whoever receives the message. In other words, rhetoric is the art of knowing how to speak or, as Quintilian said: «Rhetorice ars est bene dicendi».

Similar enough, advertising is also about convincing the receiver to do or buy something. So, it is sensible to establish a connection between both disciplines and it is interesting to see how everything Aristotle said is still being…

La hoja, logotipo de Animal Crossing, sobre Campo de trigo con cipreses, de Van Gogh
La hoja, logotipo de Animal Crossing, sobre Campo de trigo con cipreses, de Van Gogh

Si jugáis al Animal Crossing, o conocéis a alguien que juegue, sabréis que el juego cuenta con un museo regentado por el búho Sócrates. En este museo el jugador puede exhibir los fósiles que encuentre, los peces que pesque, los insectos que cace y, como buen museo, las obras de arte que compre. Al ver esto, a alguien del departamento de comunicación del Metropolitan Museum of Art de Nueva York (MET) se le encendió una bombilla: “Si la gente no puede venir a ver el Museo, igual podemos llevar el Museo a la gente”. Así, si vamos ahora a la…

Jorge Rojo

Between yellow and magenta. History, art, and videogames. He/him.

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